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Remembrance of a person that has died can take many forms in the way of a memorial or tribute. Remembrance is basically the act of remembering, or the ability to remember a person, or a special family pet, with some sort of lasting memorial. It could be a memorial garden planted in your own backyard, or a bench with a plaque overlooking a persons favorite view. Some people make a remembrance by giving a donation to a person's favorite charity, or perhaps planting a tree in their honor in a state park or forest. Others give a donation to help fund research, such as to the American Heart Association. In the event of the passing of a family pet, some people give a remembrance to their local animal shelter or rescue center.

More recently, a person can now make an entry in an electronic remembrance book that can be viewed over the internet. There are free online communities where you can have access to post topics and make entries in a special Remembrance Book and Online Obituary. Some people mark remembrances on their blogs or facebook profiles, where friends and family can also leave personal messages and tributes. Also, more and more funeral homes are offering online memorial pages where you can leaves messages for family of the deceased. Many times links to these pages are given in the obituary.


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